Teens need love, too!

“All we want is to get our voice back”

“We want to be with someone who we know cares, trust me we can tell when you don’t”

“We want someone who encourages us to do our best even when we are used to failing”

“We are tired of being labeled”

“Just because we aren’t as cute as the babies doesn’t mean we can’t be lovable”

—Actual quotes from foster teenagers placed in homes with Victory Family Services

There is a great need for homes and families to take in teens

Many of these foster teenagers have been traumatized and going in a direction that is unhealthy, unproductive, isolated, and without love. Most teens placed in a resource home need a place where they can stabilize, get their bearings, and become grounded once again in school and the community. We challenge you to consider opening up your home to a foster  teenager and make a life changing difference in someone who needs your help and attention. Every child deserves Victory, even teenagers.


Learn how to become a resource parent for foster teenagers today.