Any child can be victorious…
with a little help!

Victory Family Services provides support to resource families and children with disabilities, special needs and/or behavioral challenges. One of the services we offer is our Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) program. This is a program that supports children with intellectual, developmental/physical disabilities, or mental illness.

A common belief is that fostering children usually means dealing with more emotional and behavioral problems than other children. In some respects, they may present more difficulties, but this does not necessarily translate into significantly greater problems.

Victory Family Services recognizes that raising, fostering, or adopting a child is a process which is also accompanied by the challenges of doubt and mixed feelings. These feelings are normal and to be expected. You may ask yourself:

  • “Will I know how to do this well?”
  • “Will I enjoy this experience?”
  • “Will the child be happy in my home?”

These are merely a few examples of thought processes that come along with such a responsibility.

The Home and Community-Based Services program allows our team to design behavioral plans based on observations and assessments of each child’s needs and priorities conducted in the real-life context of family, culture and community. Resource families receive the necessary support such as training on various topics including first aid, trauma-informed care, childhood experiences, protective factors, early childhood and brain development, and other standards of care training. In conjunction with resource families our behavioral team will support children in decreasing challenging behaviors and improving positive ones. An experienced behavior analyst and support counselor are assigned to provide behavioral health interventions and supports that meet every individual child’s need directly in his/her home and home community. The planning and provision of home and community-based services require a specific, individualized process that focuses on the strengths and needs of the child and the importance of the family in supporting the child. More importantly, we intently develop all our service plans with promoting independence, autonomy, and self-sufficiency to the greatest extent possible while we simultaneously provide support and safe supervision. We hope you’ll talk with us about the exciting opportunities to work with our special needs children who need that special family that can love and support them in their quest for a happy and productive life.

Become a resource parent today and join our Home and Community-Based Services program.