Foster care

What is foster care?

Victory Family Services is a foster family agency licensed by the State of California to assist county governments in protecting children and serving their families while they live apart because of child abuse, neglect or special family circumstances. Foster care is intended to provide temporary/short-term care for a child until a more permanent arrangement can be made. At Victory Family Services we recruit, train, approve, and offer continuous support to our resource families.

What is a resource family?

A resource family consists of a parent or parents who provide short- or long-term care for children in foster care while their family receives services (referred to as reunification services). Their role is one of the most vital in the system, working tirelessly to provide these children with a better future. Most families who apply to become resource families already posses amazing qualities which will help and support the work of caring for children. Victory Family Services adds to these qualities by equipping, educating, and supporting applicant families with knowledge, life skills, and support. While there is an ongoing need for resource families in general, there is a particular need for resource parents to provide emergency care, respite care, care for sibling sets, and older youth.

Become a resource parent and help a foster child whose loooking for a family today.